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Garcinia Maxx Weight Loss Capsules

Garcinia Maxx Weight Loss Capsules

Garcinia Maxx Weight Loss Capsules

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Garcinia Maxx95

Garcinia Cambogia grows especially  in South  India where it has been used for many years and recognized as an effective natural remedy to combat obesity.  It is used in the preparation of multitude of typical dishes, also enjoying an excellent reputation in neighboring countries.

Its fruit contains a substance known as  HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which is responsible for the weight loss effects attributed to Garcinia Cambogia.  Although that, for HCA to be really effective, you need to buy supplements whose concentration of hydroxycitric acid is very high. Studies by the FDA (Federation Drugs American) have shown their effectiveness in many patients for HCA concentrations above 40%.

Benefits of Garcinia maxx 95

Helps to burn.  Rapid weight loss.

  • Decrease appetite.
  • It decreses lipogenesis and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) . That is, it prevents the synthesis of the fatty acids we consume every day thus inhibiting the accumulation.
  • Reduces the production of cholesterol and triglycerides. If your arteries are clogged, using the Garcinia Cambogia can do you a lot of good.
  • Produces anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Prevents and relieves genital infections.
  • It increases the energy and vitality  of the one who consumes it.
  • Contains large amounts of vitamin C. Very useful to  strengthen the immune system and promote the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Increases serotonin levels.  Your mood will improve.
  • It can act as a food supplement  due to the large amounts of nutrients it contains.
  • Fight constipation.


Adults, take one or two caps 2-3 times daily (Please consult a doctor to find out the correct dosage for your body weight and type) as a dietary supplement. Take 45 minutes before meals with an 8 oz glass of water.

Do not exceed 6 caps (3000 mg) per day.

Garcinia fruit is traditionally grown in only a few countries around the world, primarily Southeast Asia (specifically Thailand). Pure Garcinia extracts have been used to concoct juices, teas, and topical healing ointments because of its rich antioxidant xanthones properties.


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