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Gluta 20000 mg Glutathione Skin whitening pills

Gluta 20000 mg Glutathione Skin whitening pills

Quality Gluta 20000 mg Glutathione Skin whitening pills & Best price from Healthcare Beauty. We are the Top seller for Glutathione skin whitening pills

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Product Description :

These are Gluta 20000 MG Whitening Pills which has strong anti-oxidant properties in order to neutralize the free radicals in making them inactive. These whitening pills contains powerful antioxidant properties which helps in protecting thee collagen from damage by free radicals and in this process helps in retaining the elasticity of the skin.

Net Contains : 60 Capsules

Each capsules contains 

·         L-Glutathione 30000mg.

·         Vitamin C 1000mg.

·         Collagen 550mg.

·         Bioflavonoi 510mg.

·         Pine Bark Extract 110mg.

·         Grape Seed Extract 110mg.

·         Koji Berry 510mg.

·         Acerora cherry 110mg.

·         Green Coffee Berry 110mg.

·         Berry Fruits Extract 110mg.

How does these work?

Your skin color presents natural pigment called melanin. Melanin pigment is combined in specialized cytoplasmic organelles called melanosomes. Within the melanosome, the enzymatic reduction of the amino acid tyrosine to melanin is catalyzed by the enzyme tyrosinase. The melanosomes in darkened portion of the skin are more active than those found in normal areas of the body. Appealingly, it is best to aim this process in multiple ways by concerns with not only the melanosomes but also the enzyme tyrosinase

Product Highlights:

  Makes your skin radiant and pinkish.

·         It helps to remove dark circles and wrinkles

·         Free from harm for all intimate areas, lightens dark spots like under eyes and under arms.

·         Maintain a gorgeous complexion.

·         Gives you clean and smooth skin.

·         Does not contain disastrous elements

·         lighten skin tone  

·         Makes your skin healthy and acne-free.

·         Effective for all skin discoloration problems

·         Nourishes your skin

·         Can use both men and women of black skin.

How To Use:

  1 bottle contains 60 capsules

·         Take 1 capsule in morning and 1 in night before food 30 min


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