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Glutax 5GS Micro 5000 MG Skin Whitening Injections

By Sneha - 02/Jan/2020

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Glutax 5GS Micro 5000 MG-Skin Whitening Injections

Everyone has the right to have a Flawless complexion

Who doesn’t love to have a gorgeous, healthy, and flawless complexion? Everyone has the right to look pretty as they wish. Then what to wait for when you have Glutax 5GS Micro 5000 MG-skin whitening Injections available at the market?

The Glutax 5GS Micro Cellular Ultra Whitening is available in 5000mg, which contains Glutathione and vitamins, which would aid you in getting rid of impurities present in your skin like Pimples, Dark Spots, Blemishes, Acne, and they are effective even removing  Birth Marks and making your Skin Smooth, Glowing, and Supple.

Benefits of Glutax 5GS Micro 5000 MG skin whitening Injections:

Reduces Facial Pores and improves Skin Complexion making it light.

It shows the tremendous change in skin whitening, by reducing melanin formation.

Gives a kick start to your day, by improving your energy level.

Helps in giving higher-level fitness performance.

It helps to cut down facial pores and improve skin’s facial appearance.

It includes heavy metal detoxification i.e., intense detoxification.

Tremendous exclusion of Toxins also includes the large removal of toxins.

Glutathione is harmless, hence can be used at any age group.

It can help you to fight against the disease by increasing your immune system.

Helps in holding back the development of pores.

Inhibits the creation of pimples.

Upraised Psychological features, mainly improved storage, concentration, and content level.

Drip Recuperation Time Following Workout Routines(or Surgical Procedure).

When and why should you use Glutax 5GS Micro 5000 MG skin whitening Injections? 

The Glutax 5GS Micro Cellular Ultra Whitening also helps in anti-aging, by bringing down wrinkles, dead cells, fine lines, and many more, providing warmth and youthful radiance to your face.

Worldwide, the  Glutax 5GS Micro is one of the trusted products from healthcare and beauty. Many satisfied customers tell that they have achieved the skin-lightening results, and are safe for the skin.

Ingredients of Glutax 5GS Cellular Ultra Whitening:

Ascorbic Acid 2000mg

Glutathione 5000mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg

Vitamin E 300mg

Collagen Extract 400mg

Vitamin B5 100mg

Vitamin B3 250mg

Method of Administration

Initially for one or two months, one ampoule per INJ should be taken every week.

One can always ask for suggestions from the experts before taking them.

As per the recommendations from the professionals, the INJ should be avoided by a few people, go through the not recommended part below. 

Contraindicated for:

Pregnant woman: It is not recommended for the pregnant woman to take the Glutax 5GS Cellular Ultra Whitening injection.

Patients with cardiovascular problems: People having any cardiovascular-related issues are advised not to take these whitening injections.

Being allergic to any kind of vitamin: Before taking the injection make sure that, you are not allergic to any of the vitamins or ingredients that are mentioned in this product.

Injection on Women Period: It is not endorsed to take the Glutax 5GS Cellular Ultra Whitening injection during the women period.

Breastfeeders: Breastfeeders are recommended not to take these products 

Recommended Dosages and Precautions:

Chemotherapy patients should avoid taking Glutathione, as they have cellular protective properties.

Dosage is fixed depending on the current skin condition, which varies from 1 to 2 injections per week.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician before taking any supplements.

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