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Shipping Policy

Domestic deliveries(within India)

  • We do not charge shipping charges for the initial domestic deliveries inside India.
  • If the customer fails to receive the delivery of the product in the first attempt and opts for future delivery the additional shipping charges have to be paid by the customer( 300 INR).
  • We usually ship the product within 24 working hours( excluding Sundays) after receiving the order.
  • Once the order has been cancelled, the next delivery will only be initiated once the product has been returned to our warehouse.
  • Kindly note is the order is destroyed or effected in any way due to natural calamities, the customer has to wait until order reaches back to office. Delivery will be reinitiated once the product is delivered safely back to the office.

International deliveries(outside India)

  • Before placing an order kindly contact our customer support team at-8904240871
  • The products mentioned in the website is exclusive of shipping charges.
  • If any kind of international shipping of the product has to bee done, client should talk with our customer support team before placing the order.
  • The products mentioned in the website is exclusive of shipment cost.
  • The international customers will be charged additional shipping charges along with the product cost mentioned in the website.
  • If the refund of any product is initiated after confirmation, 12.5% conversion charges and 18% GST on conversion charges will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
  • Any international payments will take 10-14 working days to reflect in the bank.
  • The injectable products(injections, IV/IM) mentioned in the website are specifically for domestic shipment.