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Active White L Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsule

Active White L Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsule

Active White L Glutathione gives effective results to the skin. Protects skin from all damage. Nourishes & smoothens the skin. Safe & natural. No side effects. Buy now.

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Active White L Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsule

Active White L Glutathione Capsules are the safest and most effective pills available in the market, as it contains glutathione as high as 1000 mg, but due to naturally generated glutathione used, this product has zero side effects. Glutathione is the most effective antioxidant and tyrosine’s Inhibitor. Tyrosine is the enzyme in our skin that promotes melanin production. Melanin is the prime substance that is responsible for skin color. More generation of melanin tends our skin color to be on the darker side. Hence the usage of this capsule naturally makes skin fairer and helps in getting smooth radiant skin.

Active White L Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsules were launched in the market in 2007 and hence have been in the market for many years. As these capsules react on the body as per skin and body requirements, the intensity and speed of results have shown to be the best in the industry.

Benefits of using Active White L Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsules:- 

  • Makes the skin fairer & improvises the glow on the skin.
  • Maintains a gorgeous white complexion and also makes the skin acne-free.
  • Makes the skin smooth and clean, which will be visible within a few weeks.
  • It removes dark circles and wrinkles from the skin.
  • These capsules are safe for all intimate areas.
  • It also lightens dark spots which are very common such as, below the eyes or underarms.
  • It does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals, which makes it free from any short or long-term side effects.
  • It helps in getting healthy and vivacious skin, which can also be quoted as flawless skin which is on everybody’s wish list.
  • These pills are a point solution to all skin discoloration problems, whether it's from birth or after birth.
  •  It also moisturizes your skin very well. Moisture is very much responsible for the glow on the skin. Hence, the skin remains healthy and glows as well.


Ingredients of L-Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsules:-
L Glutathione Skin Whitening Capsules contain natural ingredients that are not harmful in use. Major ingredients are mentioned below:- 
  1.  Glutathione
  2.  Gelatine
  3.  Cellulose
  4.  Purified Water
  5.  Magnesium Stearate

These ingredients are extracted from natural resources and mixed in a tested quantity. This makes these pills more effective and free from any kind of harmful effects.Directions to use:- 
Intake daily one capsule after breakfast & one capsule while going to bed. Along with this, it is recommended to take 2000mg Vitamin C regularly. Vitamin C is important for the absorption of Glutathione in our body which promotes collagen production and improvises the appearance of skin.Progression of results:-
As results are dependent on person to person as we all have different body types and skin types. But based on the skin color and our experience we have segregated the effect of these capsules, as follows:- 
Average Brown: 1-2 Months.
Misty Brown Skin: 2-4 Months.
Little Dark Skin: 4-6 Months.Disclaimer: Keep in mind that regardless of which skincare product you try, you have to give it at least six weeks before giving up. Skin whitening/lightening is not an instant process. As long as you consistently use the product as directed and stay away from sunlight, then you will be able to see positive results in two weeks.


Reviews (5)

  1. Smita says:

    Very good product for skincare and beauty. Doesn't give any side effects.

  2. Vidya says:

    Nice product. Good results. No harm to the skin.

  3. Parul says:

    This product is very good for skincare and beauty. Had no side effects. My skin became better after using this capsule.

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