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Glutax 5GS Micro Advance Ultra Skin Whitening Injection 12 vials

Glutax 5GS Micro Advance Ultra Skin Whitening Injection 12 vials

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Glutax 5GS Micro Advance Ultra Skin Whitening Injection 12 vials

Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection, as the name says is the advanced form of Glutax 5GS Micro Cellular Ultra Whitening injections. It contains Glutathione and additional vital vitamins that makes the skin achieve a gorgeous, healthy, and flawless white complexion. It removes dark spots, blemishes, acne, birthmarks and other damages caused due to the exposure of sunlight and environmental stress. Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection, being an upgraded version has additional anti-aging components that leaves the skin look young and healthy. The concentration of the contents are much higher yet safe on your skin. Since it contains the master detoxifier, Glutathione, it gives excellent results in promoting skin health, body function, overall mood and well-being. 

This product can also be used for IV Drip or for IV push. It is all you need if you are looking for IV Drip or IV push. Usually, the medicines you need for IV Drip are Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic, Collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Placenta, Grapeseed Extract, Multivitamins, Vitamin E, Epidermal Growth Factor, and Q10. All of these are in one box of 5gs Advance, so more value for your money.

Ingredients of Glutax 5GS Micro  Advance - Skin Whitening Injections:

12 Sessions Vials

Powder Glutathione 5000mg

Ascorbic Acid 3000mg

Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg

Collagen 1000mg

CO Q10 600mg


Vegetal Placenta 1000mg

Ovine Placenta Extract 1000mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 350mg

Grape Seed Extract 200mg


Benefits Of Glutax 5GS Micro Advance - Skin Whitening Injection:

The Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection does wonders on your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and prevents the skin from aging.

The immune system is strengthened and the body starts functioning in a better way. 

After the use of Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection, there is a significant drop in recuperation time following workout routines (Or Surgical Procedure) and fitness performance is superior. 

Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection aids in removing toxins from the skin and body. Due to the intense detoxification, people feel more energetic and focused on work and other activities.

Formation of acne, blemish, and pimples are suppressed giving a clear and healthy appearance to the skin. 

Within 4 weeks of use of Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection, there is a visible improvement in the skin complexion and a reduction in facial pores. 

Glutathione is harmless to people of all age groups therefore, it can be used by anyone but should be avoided by few people who fall under the below-mentioned categories. 

Apart from physiological benefits, it improves psychological features such as improved storage, concentration, and content level.

There is a visible, rapid skin whitening as it reduces the formation of melanin. 

Reinforces your immune’s organization and fights, in opposition to diseases.

Acne development is stifled. 

Overall facial beauty and appearance are elevated because of skin detoxifying, whitening, and minimize facial pores, wrinkle, and acne removal.


How to use:

Consult a dermatologist before undergoing this treatment. 

One ampoule per INJ should be taken every week, for 1-2 months. 

This product can be administered either intravenously (IV) or intramuscular (IM)

Individuals having allergies to vitamins of any kind, patients with cardiovascular problems, breastfeeding mothers, and pregnant mothers should avoid undergoing this procedure and treatment.



Not Suitable For:

People who should not take the injection: 

Lactating mothers

Women during menstruation

Individuals who are allergic to any vitamin.  

People suffering from any cardiovascular disease.



As with all supplements, pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician.

The advanced protective properties of Glutathione in Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection make it unsuitable for chemotherapy patients.

The injection dosage to be taken depends on the current skin condition of the person undergoing the treatment. It varies from 1 to 2 injections per week.

Popular Review

For people who are familiar with , Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection would be an upgraded version with upgraded benefits. 

Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection includes the contents of Glutax 5GS Micro cellular Injection along with the other compounds that help you achieve better whitening, clear and anti-aging skin. 

The concentration of the contents of Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection is comparatively higher than Glutax 5GS Micro cellular Injection. The results are much better and users observe positive physiological as well as psychological changes in the body.

You need not go for seperate IV drip for anti-aging treatment. The Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injection does have value for money because the medicine is more focused on whitening and anti-aging. 

Speaking about the packaging, the packaging quality is high standards. The injections come in the thick carton which is not easy to deform. To prevent counterfeit, the hologram sticker, a very shiny rainbow color effect indicating that it is an original product. To ensure the vials and ampoules which contain the Glutax 5GS Micro Advanced Injections are safe and protected from any form of damage, the plastic trays  are of hard type of plastic. 

The ampoules are of the best quality and do not break too easily, during transportation. It has a hologram sticker with a heat-sensitive effect, for protection against counterfeit.

Side effects:

No critical side effects have been reported. A dosage increase might lead to an immediate whitening effect and mild headache.

**Made in Origin Country: Italy

** The result depends on individual metabolism

How To Use

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Yes! Our Glutax 5gs Micro Advance 6 Sessions uses gentle ingredients and is designed for all skin types, especially sensitive skin - it shouldn't give you any breakouts / irritate the skin.
Intravenous injection (IV) Each 5ml, 2ml with 1 vial per week. Must be an interval of 5-7 days in between the intake of injection.
You will notice results within 21 days, 3 sessions. Even after the first use, Glutax 5gs Micro Advance 12 Sessions will leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and healthy. Over time you will be able to notice a more radiant, even skin tone and texture.
No! Our formulation is made with gentle ingredients that don’t give any side effects.
Yes, it is safe to be taken by young teens from age 16 years and above to all ages. Henceforth, the right usage should be taken into consideration.
No! It is safe to be taken by all genders with the age of 16 years and above.
Glutax 5gs Micro Advance 12 Sessions, on usage, increases collagen significantly. As a result, the skin of the face looks young and tight. By the major ingredient Glutathione, the production melanin is blocked giving you fairer and brighter skin than ever before.

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