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Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg With Booster

Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg With Booster

Buy Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg With Booster Skin whitening injection. Product details of Relumins Advanced Glutathione Skin Whitening Anti-aging 2000mg IV Glutathione & Vitamin C. Free Home Delivery Available All Over India. Cash on Delivery Available
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Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg Skin Whitening Injection Free Glutathione Booster - Healthcarebeauty

The 2000 mg formula consists of 1500 mg of Reduced L-Glutathione and 500 mg of Vitamin C in each vial. So, along with whitening your skin, Vitamin C rejuvenates your skin to make it look firm. Each Relumins set has 30 L-Glutathione booster capsules, which work even between phases of treatment to maintain l-Glutathione at steady levels in your body. Relumins l-Glutathione booster is undoubtedly the most oral l-Glutathione boosting formula, which also has innumerable health benefits.

L-Glutathione, as its primary function in the context of skin whitening, prevents melanin synthesis in reaction to Tyrosinase enzymes. It disallows the binding of Tyrosinase with L-DOPA when melanin synthesis takes place. l-Glutathione is the best Tyrosinase enzyme inhibitor preventing the synthesis and agglutination of melanin. It stops the oxidation of Tyrosine into L-DOPA, as it is the “King of Antioxidants” fights skin damage, and pigmentation, and improves liver function.

Ingredients of Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg Skin Whitening Injection

  • The 2000mg Formula contains 1500mg L-Glutathione for Skin Whitening
  • 500mg of Vitamin C for rejuvenation of the skin.
  • The Gluta Booster Formula (30 Veggie Caps) has N-Acetyl-Cysteine 200mg, which enhances the production of L-Glutathione in your body.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid 150 mg, fat and water-soluble, works throughout your body to maintain high l-glutathione levels in the body even after supplementation.
  • L-Methionine 100 mg helps increase hepatic l-Glutathione levels in alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease patients against patients treated with placebos.
  • Vitamin E, 100IU, increases l-glutathione significantly to reduce lipid peroxidation and HbA1c concentrations in the erythrocytes of type-1 diabetic patients.
  • Vitamin B2, 5mg, reduces oxidized l-Glutathione (GSSG) to its reduced form (GSH).
  • Selene thionine, 200mcg, enhances l-glutathione peroxidase activity and increases GPx1 and GPx3proteins to abundance.

Benefits of Relumins Advanced Glutathione 2000mg Skin Whitenings Injection

  • The anti-oxidant properties of Relumins 2000mg Glutathione your body and eliminate free toxins and free radicals.
  • Relumins 2000mg replenishes nutrients and enhances the health of the skin and the face.
  • Relumins glutathione Whitens the skin and improves complexion giving your skin a vibrant and radiant glow.
  • The set contains 30 L-Glutathione booster capsules - Which raises the body's endogenous of Glutathione. In between each treatment, the booster helps maintain a steady level of Glutathione for optimal results.
  • Minimizes pores and improves skin complexion.
  • Helps to activate in order to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Acts as an antioxidant and detoxifier.
  • Helps to enjoy a brighter, smoother, and flawless complexion on the whole body.
  • The Glutathione injection nourishes the skin and makes the skin firm.
  • Fairness injection helps to remove dark spots and scars from the skin.

Made in Origin Country: USA

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  1. Deepthi sathish says:

    This is one of my favourite.its Make my skin fair and glowvy .

  2. Priyadharshini says:

    i can feel the difference of my skintone and difference after 1 week i can observe my skin become light and glow

  3. Gayathri chandran says:

    My skin is visibly clear and flawless and honestly, I am in love with it.

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